Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To inspire stewardship of San Diego’s native biodiversity through environmental education and conservation.

Our Vision

An engaged community, actively supporting the conservation of San Diego’s unique biodiversity.

Our Guiding Principles


Everyone, regardless of background, deserves equal opportunities to learn about and experience nature. We put this into practice by purposefully engaging communities that lack access to natural places.

Personal Empowerment

Individuals are empowered to actively participate in the stewardship of our natural world. We put this into practice by educating people on conservation actions they can implement within their sphere of influence.


We base our initiatives, actions, curricula, and programs on science and current ecological research. We put this into practice by ensuring our work is informed by the best available science, using the scientific method to evaluate the efficacy of our programs, and partnering with other scientists to support scientific research.

Stronger Together

Among our greatest strengths as an organization are the strong partnerships we enjoy with federal and state land management agencies, educators, volunteers, other non-profits, and community partners. We put this into practice by continuing to invest in our existing partnerships, while striving to create new ones.

Invest in Children

We invest in children because they represent the next generation of land stewards and decision-makers in our communities. We put this into practice by offering youth enriching, science-based outdoor learning experiences aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Inherent Value of Life

From humble bumblebees to majestic mountain lions, all species have value by virtue of their existence, as well as their role in the larger ecosystem. We put this into practice by actively studying, restoring, and protecting San Diego’s natural places, while fostering empathy for species these natural places support.

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