Habitat Restoration

Land management agencies often lack the staff and resources necessary to restore native habitats and maintain ecosystem health on conserved lands. Restoration work may be necessary where lands have been historically degraded, mismanaged, or where invasive species are “out-competing” native species.

What is EDI doing?

We are proud to partner with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, San California Department of Wildlife, Diego Pollinator Alliance, and Endangered Habitats Conservancy to provide both technical expertise and a community volunteer labor force (you!) to help restore native habitats. We do this by engaging volunteers from communities throughout San Diego County to participate in restoration projects, either weekly events or one-time events. Projects include invasive species management, seed collection and processing for future dispersal, and sowing or planting native plant species.
Land restoration work is also integrated into our Environmental Education program, where students plant native grasses and flowering plants as part of their hands-on learning and field experience.  This unique partnership integrates student learning with the implementation of landscape management plans on conserved lands.

Our habitat restoration program supports our land management agencies to restore and maintain ecosystem health and also enables community members and our next generation of environmental stewards to meaningfully contribute to habitat restoration on conserved lands.  Volunteer opportunities are open to individuals, families, groups, and often support partner organizations. Please visit our volunteer page to learn more!

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