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"It means everything to me that in my position, I am able to spend time with the children of these communities. These bright shining lights have a wonder and curiosity for the world around them, and it is an honor to provide a space for them to be, explore, and feel empowered in a natural environment. I always take time during field trips to see where each student is at and meet them there as we begin our Earth Discovery journey, because everybody deserves to feel supported and like they belong. Nature has always provided me with a sense of peace, tranquility, and love, as well as the beautiful and fragile interconnectedness of life. Serving the communities in East County San Diego (or anywhere we serve) brings me joy and gratitude that I am able to participate in spreading the beauty and importance of nature."
- Grace Schmalz


"I am proud to be a field instructor for Earth Discovery Institute and help bring a sense of wonder and inspiration to our students. It means so much to be able to bring a positive learning experience to kids who otherwise may not have the opportunity to experience their local environment first-hand."
- Ashley Ersepke


"I choose to teach outdoor education because there’s nothing quite like witnessing the pure amazement and excitement of our little explorers as they learn about the natural world. For some of our students, these field trips and community outings may be their first time gardening, hiking, or identifying ecosystems, native plants, and animals outdoors. The smiles on their faces and true joy from connecting with nature are so infectious that I often feel as though I’m experiencing nature for the first time with them. This program does its due diligence by bridging the gap between unrepresented and often under-served communities, allowing them to spend a day as scientists and leave with a sense of appreciation for their environment and a sense of accomplishment for doing their part in restoring nature."
- Dana Alagha

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