Scholarship Recipients

Our 2022/2023 scholarship recipients:


Meet Mackenzie Karl:

Mackenzie attends Grossmont/Cuyamaca College and plans to transfer to San Diego State University in the fall, majoring in Sustainability. Growing up in an environmentally conscious household, her passion for sustainability grew with her! From President of her high school’s Environmental Club, to working with American Conservation Experience (ACE), she is determined to pursue a career that improves quality of life and the preservation of resources, and hopes to help the next generation inherit a viable planet. Mackenzie plans to use the EDI scholarship funds to help pay for her tuition at San Diego State University!

Meet Laura Olivas:

Laura is currently studying Environmental Geography at Normandale Community College and plans to attend the University of Minnesota this fall. She finds herself most passionate about land management, including habitat restoration, invasive species management, and management of both game and non-game species. Her desire to enter the natural resources field comes from exploring the outdoors with her family on vacations, and from various biology, ecology, geography, and natural resource management courses in school. Laura plans to use the EDI scholarship funds toward her educational goals!


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