It’s Back-to-School time in San Diego County.   Help us make it Back-to-Nature time with EDI’s Formula for Success: 3X30=1

You and 2 Friends (or we’ll match up your donation with others) each contribute $30 monthly for a year to bring 1 entire class of students to learn about science and the environment in nearby nature.


Last year, EDI served over 3,000 students from 5 school districts, inspiring them to Explore, Discover, and Invest some time to help nature. Your support is essential to keep our work at this level.

View our profile and make a donation at: Our Profile   

On the donation page, select “ongoing donation” to make a monthly contribution. Send this to your friends. Try to build a team of 3!  

If you participate in the Formula for Success ($30/month for one year, individually or as a team), you will receive special letters of appreciation from the students whose participation you have supported.  

Call 619-447-4715 for more information or mail your contribution to us at:

120 North Park Drive, El Cajon, CA, 92021.

ALL contributions are appreciated and tax deductible.