Board of Directors

Hector Valtierra, President,
Biology and Microbiology Professor
Southwestern College, Chula Vista, California
Cuyamaca College, El Cajon, California

Diana Griffin, Treasurer and Secretary,
Crest Community Member

Vicky Bonnett, Board Member, Interim Director and Education Coordinator, Earth Discovery Institute

Michael Beck, Board Member, President, Endangered Habitats Conservancy

Mary Duffy, Board Member, Outreach and Education Biologist, Earth Discovery Institute Biologist/Writer

Davida Blanton, Board Member, Educator and Instructional Laboratory Technician, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, California


Kevin Mortenson
Sustainable Building Consultant, Forest Stewardship Council

Suzanne Mullins
Educator, Cajon Valley Union School District

Jerre Stallcup
Biologist, Conservation Biology Institute